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About competition

In the last ten years life in the cities has dramatically changed: now people have new demands concerning their work, leisure, communication, spaces they use. The key problem for the cities nowadays is how to develop a new way of use for the existing spaces.

We invite you to take part in the photo competition “Transformations in the city”.

The best works will be presented at II Moscow Biennale of Architecture in the Creative Cities space. The winner of the competition will get the prize of the British Council. All the photographers are welcome to send their works, illustrating real changes in the cities – when the new function of the object wins the old one. If the old function isn’t evident, please illustrate your picture with a short story.

The transformations can be different – appropriate and strained, funny and ridiculous, valid and dramatic. Changing cities means not only rebuilding of the existing houses, but also creating a new way of life, a new look on the usual things and a new comprehension of the world around.

The participants of the competition are Russia and the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe such as Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway etc The results of the competition will be presented at II Moscow Biennale of Architecture, the subject of which is “Modernization”.

The deadline for submitting your photos is May 15, 2010

Jury panel:

  • John Davies

    photographer, UK

  • Galina Shavard

    Creative Cities project participant

  • Natalia Mayer

    Manager of Creative Cities project